Foolproof Special Event Planning Checklist, Part 2: In the Thick of It

Planning a special event, whether it’s for 10 people or 1,000, can turn even the most capable people into nervous wrecks. However, if you start early and put these helpful tips to use, the entire planning process can go easily, leaving you looking like an event planning wizard. Check out this simple, 2-part event planning checklist, take a deep breath, and get going!


Part 2: In the Thick of It


Finalize, Organize, & Advertise


Finalize Details From Step 1 (click here to read Part 1 of this checklist!)

  1. Sign Contracts & Finalize Bookings
  2. Organize Your Financials
  3. Draft a Schedule 


You may already use work-back schedules to manage your professional life – why not apply the same systems to your event planning? Deadlines are concrete and keep you honest, whereas if you start to fall behind on your to-do list it can be difficult to prioritize and easy to become overwhelmed.


Build a Website


Establishing one key point of contact for your event will keep your phone line free and your inbox less cluttered. Sending e-invites from an event-specific email address that lead guests to your website is a great plan to do so.


Push Promotions Into High Gear


Consulting with professionals will alleviate so much of the stress from your planning. Spending money having a professional to do the job – whether it’s a social media manager or PR spokesperson, will pay for itself twofold.


If you’re going it alone, don’t forget to: Engage on the relevant Social Media platforms for your industry (use a tool like Hootsuite or Later) ; purchase Paid Advertisements where you’re able to; and Send Reminders via Email to attendees, speakers, and vendors a week or two out from the event.


Week-Of & Day-Of


You’re nearly there! Last items to check off your checklist include:


Get Final Numbers


Confirm the final number of attendees and share these numbers with the venue, the caterer, and any other key stakeholders.


Confirm Timings


A Run-of-Show Plan can save your life here – a moment by moment schedule of when every vendor or speaker is meant to arrive, where, how they will get to where they are going etc.


Finalize Schedules


Ensure that everyone has the same final.FINAL.PDF schedule the day before the big event.




Remember to have fun – and help facilitate fun for your guests as well. Create a hashtag and pump it out on all conference-related promotional materials. Help attendees remain engaged with an ice-breaker off the top, and a live social media feed may now seem like an old hat, but it’s a tried and true method to generate excitement in real time.


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