Recognize Excellence in Your Industry With an Awards Ceremony

As a means to say “thanks” to your staff, or to recognize excellence in your industry, an awards ceremony is an amazing way to get everyone to celebrate together.


Hosting an awards ceremony is no small task. Regardless of your budget, if you have a plan in mind your next event will be the success you dream it to be.


Book a Planning Meeting


Start by ensuring that your team are on the same page and working towards the same goals. This planning meeting should include all key stakeholders – this would include the HR team and leader of your company. Work to establish what your key goals of the awards ceremony to be – looking to raise employee satisfaction? Raise money for charity? Once goals have been set and ideas brainstormed, you can get to work with any other operational people at your company to set these ideas in action.


Build a Budget


Looking to make a big splash but have no money in the bank from the get-go? Think about making a profit by selling tickets to the event, and then look to sponsors to fill in the gaps in your budget. If you involve sponsors early you can include them seamlessly from start to finish.


Some events will be naturally attractive to sponsors, while others will need to work for it. Before reaching out to a potential sponsor ask yourself: would this sponsor’s customers come to my event? Are they looking to launch or promote a new product or service that benefits event attendees? There are no hard and fast rules to accepting sponsorships – go for quality over quantity, and good luck!


Choose Your Judges Panel


Highlight a top client or tap the most eloquent and experienced staff member to host the ceremony to cut costs. Many professionals will speak to fill out a resumé, and money saved in one area can go towards another, such as splurging on a featured speaker or entertainment.


Selecting judges that are respected in your industry with the credentials to judge others is crucial to lending credibility to your event. Ensure that the the criteria for how a winner is selected is fair, and that there is an easy way (an odd number of judges, for example) to come to a clear winner.


To keep the event light and fun, think of including categories like People’s Choice that makes the event more interactive for attendees.


Make It Fun


Your guests are coming out for a show, so be sure to plan for one! Create a hashtag and pump it out on all conference-related promotional materials early. Help attendees remain engaged with an ice-breaker off the top, and a live social media feed may now seem like an old hat, but it’s a tried and true method to generate excitement in real time. Ensure that music, video, and lighting come together to liven up the proceedings from beginning to end.


Choose a Venue


Ready to plan your next event or conference in the Lower Mainland? Get started by requesting a proposal from Poco Inn and Suites today!

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