AirBnB vs. Hotel: Which is best for your next business trip?


Modern travelers often think of staying at an Airbnb as a cheaper and more convenient option in comparison to a hotel. However, hotels come with a slew of benefits that you may not have considered at first glance. If you’re looking to reduce vacation stress and save money, read on!


Central Locations Save You Time and Money


Hotels are typically located in central locations near bustling shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. On the other hand, vacation homes tend to be located in remote or suburban areas. Upfront it may seem like you’re saving money, however, be careful to factor in transportation expenses and the time it takes to get into the core of the city. The cost of staying in a hotel may be the same or less than staying in a vacation home! If you value efficiency, consider staying in a hotel where you’d only be a few steps away from the action.


Relax Knowing that Your Hotel Booking is Secure


In the Lower Mainland, municipalities are wary of the rise of Airbnb because it means that fewer housing units will be available to locals. City officials in Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, and Port Moody want to give housing priority to people who live and work in the area, so they are taking action to control the rise of Airbnb. Those renting out their space could face a high risk of being shut down by the City if their operation is not licensed or if the unit is primarily being used for vacation rentals. It can be stressful finding an alternative at the last minute, especially during peak season. Avoid the stress and know that your hotel booking is secure!


Ensure Your Privacy


As mentioned earlier, one of the City requirements is that the owner of a rental unit must live in the home that is being rented out. This is to ensure that housing in the Lower Mainland benefits people who live in the area. For some, sharing a house or space with the owner might not be an issue. However, if you enjoy your privacy or want to enjoy quiet nights, an AirBnB may not be the best option for you. You’re probably looking for a hotel.


Get the Quality You Expect


At any hotel, you can expect your own room, central location, television, wifi, and amenities such as a gym, pool, spa and more. Vacation homes do not have the same standards in quality. Some may be beautiful suites that you have to yourself, while others are shared with other guests or the owner. You have to put in much more effort to read reviews and sift through many listings to find one that suits your needs. Unlike independent vacation rental homes, hotels follow a consistent standard of quality. Don’t want to do all the research? Stay at a hotel, where you know that the quality is always going to be great!

Will you be staying at a hotel for your next vacation? Book your stay with Poco Inn! Please call the Hotel Reservations Department at 604-941-6216 or Toll Free at 1-800-930-2235 to make your reservation.

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