Evergreen Line Creates Opportunities for the Tri-Cities


The Evergreen Line Rapid Transit project began in 2013 and involved the Province of British Columbia, EGRT Construction, TransLink, and BC Rapid Transit Company. Although the new route will open closer to Christmas, we’re getting excited! The addition of the Evergreen Line to the existing SkyTrain network is intended to help reduce commuting time to and from the Tri-Cities. The easy access and connection to other areas in Metro Vancouver facilitate economic and growth opportunities for the Tri-City area. If you’re not excited, here are three reasons of why you should be:

Improves Connection with the Metro Vancouver Region

Communities like Burnaby, New Westminster, and Vancouver will become more accessible. A trip from Coquitlam City Centre to Lougheed Town Centre would only take 15 minutes and getting to Vancouver would take 40 minutes. During peak hours, a train will be in service every 3 minutes. This benefits Tri-City residents, who work in other parts of the Lower Mainland because it reduces commutes and improves connection with other communities in the Metro Vancouver region. In addition, there will be 650 parking stalls located near the stations for any commuters who would need to drive out to catch the train. At the same time, fewer people will find the need to own a car, making it an environmentally sustainable initiative that will save more people money from transportation expenses.

Economic Opportunities for Local Businesses and Job Seekers

Accessibility will lead to economic growth for local businesses. Food, accommodation, and activities tend to be more expensive in Vancouver. With easy access and lower prices from local businesses in the Tri-Cities area, the 11-kilometer Evergreen Line can help attract travelers and locals. At the same time, will be more job opportunities. The project has already employed over 8,000 people for construction. Once the transit system is available, technicians are needed to maintain the vehicles and supervisors are needed at the six new stations.

Community Growth and Development

With the increasing cost of rent or owning a home in Vancouver, people are looking to live in the suburbs for affordable housing. With the extension of the SkyTrain network, people are more likely to live in or move to the Tri-Cities. Coquitlam and Port Moody have already started preparing for the population growth with the development of residential structures and commercial buildings. Peter Fassbender, Minister of Community Support and Cultural Development, said that “enabling the growth of affordable, interconnected and sustainable communities in the region” is a milestone achievement.

Poco Inn is excited for the opportunities the Evergreen Line provide the Tri-Cities area. We hope more people will be interested in exploring what our area has to offer. Our hotel is just minutes away from Lincoln Station, so keep us in mind if you’re ever in the area!

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