3 Things to Know If You’re Planning Your Own Wedding

So you’re getting married! This feat can induce equal measures of elation and anxiety, especially if you’re taking on the task of planning the wedding celebrations yourself. Everything from the colour palette (will all the bridesmaids really be happy in violet dresses?) to the flowers (can you trust in Aunt Sheryl’s vision for rustic Mason jar bouquets?) to the cake (should it be gluten-free?) is under your purview, and the weight of all that decision-making can make mountains out of every molehill.

Relax. Here are 3 tips that are sure to make the planning process easier:

You Can’t Do Everything – So Hire a Pro or Two

Even if you’ve decided not to hire a full-on wedding planner, delegation or certain tasks to a professional will set your life at ease.

Look to friends and review-aggregator websites like Yelp to find a great florist, baker, or DJ. Hiring a professional to do one or two things will be an investment that quickly pays for itself.

Get Organized – Fast!

You’ll want to start with two things: a budget, and a guest list. From there, the minutiae of wedding planning can become daunting – reams of contact information, a calendar of important dates, copies of contracts, invoices and receipts – things can quickly get out of hand if you haven’t started with a plan.

Look to team-oriented organization tools and software such as Asana to organize and delegate work across a tech-savvy team of helpers (family and friends). Alternatively, document sharing web-tools like Google Docs are a great way for key stakeholders to remain in the loop and quickly and efficiently share information without making duplicates or having the burden of any one person (or laptop) holding all the information, all the time.

Tip: Start a wedding-specific email address and think about creating a wedding website for guests to check for FAQ’s, RSVP, and more.

Background Check Your Vendors

The last you want is to entrust a caterer with feeding your closest friends and family only to have cold food hit the dinner tables, or to hand over a list of food allergies and sensitivities only to learn on the day of that the vegetarian entree is a garden salad. Vet your vendors – do your research, get references, and actually check them. Be sure to be able to taste the food or receive samples of their product, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you’re looking to book your wedding in the lower mainland, arrange for a tour of our banquet room or sit down with one of our hotel event planners. Poco Inn & Suites will take the utmost care and consideration to ensure that you and your guests’ memories of your wedding will be treasured forever! Learn more today.

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