4 Activities for the Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Day was officially declared a holiday in 1957. It’s a time to celebrate the harvest, show gratitude for our blessings, and spend quality time with loved ones. People commonly gather their family and friends together, and the traditional celebration includes having turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie together. It’s the perfect excuse to eat lots of food and feel guilt free! This year, the holiday falls on October 10.

On the same day, Americans celebrate Columbus Day to honour the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival and discovery of the Americas. Some of our American neighbours come to Canada to celebrate both holidays. It’s a great opportunity to have a turkey feast twice in one year, and six weeks before their own thanksgiving. Who could say no to that?

Whether you’re a Canadian from out of town, an American visiting for the weekend, or a local looking for things to do in the area, we’ve got some suggestions for how you can spend the long weekend. PoCo Inn and Suites is in a prime location to celebrate Thanksgiving festivities, so here are a few suggestions of what’s around us.

Go outside
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If you’ve been spending a lot of time in the office or at home, change it up this weekend and go outdoors. Appreciate the leaves changing from green to orange and the temperature starting to cool down.

If you’re looking to do a casual stroll or a lengthy walk, the Traboulay Poco trails have a variety that you can choose from. The route network encircles the community, giving you a diverse experience of forest, creek, meadow, and urban views. One of the trails is just 4 minutes from our hotel!

Enjoy the harvest


It’s impossible to go through the autumn season without seeing a pumpkin, so you might as well pick one up for yourself. Laity Pumpkin Patch is 20 minutes away from our hotel and has pumpkins, hay rides, a barn yard, and a corn maze. After you find the perfect pumpkin, you can turn the rest of the day into a bonding activity by making a pumpkin pie together or carving out the pumpkin for Halloween.



Although the holiday’s origins are rooted in celebrating the harvest, it is now commonly known as a day to feast on turkey. Come down to our hotel’s restaurant, Izba Bistro, for our special Thanksgiving Dinner. Izba’s dishes are made from scratch and use fresh local ingredients.



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Canadian Thanksgiving sales are nowhere near the intensity of the American’s Black Friday sale, but there are still some great deals around. Arc’teryx, a clothing and sporting goods company founded in North Vancouver, is having a sample sale. Their clothing will definitely prepare you for the coming winter weather.

We hope that we’ve inspired you to head up to Port Coquitlam to check out the long weekend festivities. Make sure to check out our Thanksgiving Weekend specials. See you soon!

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