Pros and Cons of Planning for a Big Wedding

“How big do we want the wedding to be?”


From the very first moment you start planning your wedding, this question will affect every choice you make after it. Size is subjective – a wedding of 100 could be big for you, but barely account for all the family invited to someone else’s wedding, before even getting to the list of friends. Maybe 250 is your number, or 400+. The number you decide on will form many of your wedding decisions and factor into your wedding’s budget and overall style.


Here are the top Pros and Con’s to planning for a big wedding:


PRO: Share your Big Day with everyone in your life.


By inviting all of your relatives, friends near and far, colleagues, neighbors you’re close with, and other favourite people to your wedding, it may be the only time in your life you get to see everyone you love in one place. A wedding is an occasion to be happy that gathers everyone together and may be the only time everyone important in you and your fiance’s life has a chance to meet one another. This should top the list of reasons why you should have a bag wedding – spending quality time with the people you love most, especially in our increasingly global and disconnected world.


CON: DIY projects are going to take a lot of help.


DIY is a great way to maximize your budget, but making 300 wedding favours or floral centerpieces are going to take a lot more time and effort than 25 or 50. The more guests invited also means the more exceptions – whether it’s an allergy to daisies or a dietary restriction – which will require an extraordinary level of organization to keep things straight. Be prepared to meet requests with rules and regulations (for example, if children are allowed to attend, at what age, and when?), and to collect those closest to you early on to plan how to attack the homemade projects that add a sense of individualism to your Big Day.


PRO: Go big, or go home!


When you go for a big wedding, your choice of venue changes, and with it, the planning for your decor. You suddenly get the chance to hold your wedding in a big, fabulous wedding venue, with multiple spaces to celebrate. Think about and indoor/outdoor plan, with an elegant indoor banquet hall, and different celebration space for your cocktail party or reception. Big weddings allow for the fun to unfold in multiple spaces, letting the story of your wedding play out against multiple backdrops.


CON: Your budget is going to get bloated.


A big wedding is going to be expensive, period. Costs balloon for everything – wedding invitations, cost-per-person for food and beverage, rental costs of the spaces, an increasing number of wedding photographers. The planning of all these details can pile on the wedding stress. Think of hiring a wedding planner to help you handle the larger workload.


PRO: Let your inner foodie shine.


With a bigger wedding, you do have the chance to plan a larger variety of menu items, with a variety of cocktail and drink stations, sit-down dinner menu choices and other canape and appetizer options at the banquet hall.


If The Cake figures largely in your wedding day fantasy, a big wedding affords you the chance to offer a huge, beautiful dessert for your guests to fall in love with.


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