2014-12-09 Bill Malone

Dear Leah,

D&S Bulldozing Ltd. has just celebrated their annual Christmas party on December 6, 2014 at the Poco Inn & Suites Hotel. The Christmas party and Dinner was a huge success and we would like to thank you and your staff. Our office has received many calls from our employees, guests and their families showing their appreciation as everyone really enjoyed the evening.

We have received only positive feedback about the dinner as to the quality and variety of the food. The deserts were well planned as well. The Vegetarians were especially happy with the selection of food that was provided. The children were very pleased also.

The servers and the carvers and all the attendants helping with the dinner did an excellent job and they were very courteous and efficient.

With all the responses and positive feedback we are receiving from everyone, we may need more tables and chairs for the 2015 Christmas Party.

The owner Dave and staff would like to thank you for hosting such a wonderful event and we are looking forward to our next year’s Christmas party at the Poco Inn.