2015-06-15 Donna White

Dear Leah,

Saturday May 30th was another wonderful day for The terry Fox Foundation as we hosted our Annual Run Organizer Wordship with more than 40 volunteers who traveled to Vancouver from locations around our region. Their enthusiasm and creativity was infectious, filling the room with laughter, applause and more than a few emotional tears!

We were inspired by stories of hope and inspiration by a remarkable yound woman who shared her cancer journey with us, the loss of her leg and an incredible surgical procedure that has allowed her to live her life, get married, have two beautiful children and share with us how she is expecting her third! We heard stories of what it was like to be on the road with Terry from a member of that incredible Marathon of Hope team and what the run truly meant to Terry. We shared great ideas to make every Terry Fox Run a wonderful success in the communities where his dream lives on. We had a remarkable Terry Fox researcher share with us the work that is being done in cancer research with the funds that our wonderful volunteers are working hard to raise.

Every year, it is a privilege to host our workshop and thank our wonderful volunteers and show them the respect and appreciation they deserve for the thousands of hours they spedn raising funds for The Terry Fox Foundation and cancer research. Your donation of accommodations for Cliff and Fran Evans from Salmon Arm, Courtney Hill from Victoria, Ted and Jan Rodonets from Powell River, Pat Gibson from Nelson and Louise Borsato from Duncan Allowed them to join us for this wonderful event.

I would also like to thank you for your very kind donation of accommodations for Drew Mastromartino who was here from Ontario to work on an international project for us. Your gift and kindness were so greatly appreciated.

I look forward to an opportunity to continue to work with you and the Poco Inn and Suites in pursuit of Terry’s dream…a world free from cancer.

With warmest thanks,